Mike Pence painfully pauses on NBC, can't answer how he will get MAGA to like him by 2024 (video)

Mike Pence was booed and heckled off a stage by the MAGA mob in 2021, and he clearly hasn't forgotten. When asked on NBC's Meet the Press over the weekend how the heck he is going to convince anyone to support him in 2024, Pence had no idea.

Rather than answer with confidence, Trump's former bootlicker knitted his brows and shrugged as he clumsily skirted around the question with awkward fits and starts.

"Well look, I–I think that, um, the people around the country as I've traveled over the last two years [long pause] have um, uh, have, have um … very humbling views about me and my family," he uttered before staggering down a sidetrack about the Americans who thank him "for the stand I took on that tragic day" [Jan 6]." (See video below, posted by Mike Sington.)

"But are people wearing MAGA hats doing that?" host Chuck Todd pressed.

"Look, I–look, I–I–I know the people in our movement and um, I–I can honestly tell you that they are some of the best people in this country," an uncomfortable Pence continued, before jumping onto a sidetrack of the sidetrack.

"They love America, and they love our Constitution…" Yeah, perhaps, in their own twisted way. But according to Pence's own evasive answer, they certainly don't love him.

Front page thumbnail image: NBC / Meet the Press