Pushing a *side-by-side* tandem mountain bike to its limits

UK professional freestyle mountain biker and YouTuber Sam Pilgrim discovered an unusual tandem mountain bike on Facebook Marketplace and couldn't resist snagging it for 50 quid (~$64USD). Alongside his younger brother, Lewi Pilgrim, they decided to test out the modified tandem "buddy bike," which has side-by-side, not back-to-back, seats and a custom crank setup allowing simultaneous pedaling. Only one person can steer though.

The Pilgrims threw everything they had at the bike, testing its limits. They charged down mountain bike trails at breakneck speeds, tackled grueling stair sets, and even dared to perform wheelies. Despite the questionable design and the worry of how much abuse it could take, the buddy bike held up.

The buddy bike is the craziest bike we've ridden yet, with two seats side by side and a custom crank set up that allows both riders to pedal at the same time and only one person can steer! This mountain bike was custom built for freeride sends so We start off by going as fast as possible before hitting stairs and even MTB trails which ended in disaster! As well as Lewi Pilgrim being here for the ride I also had my girlfriend along for the ride and made her send some heavy lines on this funny bike! Would you ride the buddy bike?

(The Awesomer)