A tiger tail for your bike seat

Huh, I had no idea tiger tails for the back of bicycle seats were even a thing.

But, according to Loyal Supply Co., the design company behind this one, it's a throwback to an old 1959 ad campaign for ESSO fuel.

“Put a tiger in your tank,” the message read. A simple advertisement spawned a whole generation of kids using this strange attachment in a myriad of great ways.

If it seems strange that a gas company would be offering items for a bicycle, you might not be surprised that the tail was a promotional piece originally meant to hang off your gas cap, not your bike seat.

Loyal Supply is selling their version for just $4/tail. Read the rest

A stationary exercise bike that looks like an old school cruiser

The Schwinn Classic Cruiser may well be the coolest indoor fitness bike out there. It's not only snazzy to look at but it's also Bluetooth-enabled.

For $799, you get the retro red stationary bike along with an app that allows you to "ride through a 1950’s town while delivering newspapers & avoiding obstacles." For another $99, you get the accessory kit which includes: a "'Cruisin' license plate, Schwinntastic red and white streamers, retro bike horn, water bottle and mountable water bottle holder."

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Limited edition Bicycle Karnival Midnight deck of playing cards

This purple and black deck of cards is absolutely lovely.

I like to tell myself that decks with lovely and unexpected art work distract people from mistakes as I'm performing sleight of hand. Mostly, I just like fancy decks of cards.

Limited Edition Karnival Midnight Purple Deck Playing Cards by Bicycle via Amazon

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Foldable airless bicycle tires

Revolve has released a promotional video for its prototype collapsible airless tires. Originally designed for bicycles, the same tire can also be used on a wheelchair. Read the rest

Clear reflective spray for cyclists who ride at night

I constantly worry some distracted motorist will run me down and say "I never even saw him." I wear a hi-viz vest with a bunch of reflective material on it, a white helmet and there are lots of reflective elements on my bike, but it is never enough. Now, I can make just about everything reflective.

Albedo 100 is a clear, temporary, spray paint. Just spray it on your pants, jacket, bike, backpack, bags, passenger, whatever. The spray goes on pretty invisibly to textiles, and leaves a bit of a film on leather. It reflects light shone directly on it back in the direction it came from and is very effective for showing someone sitting behind a pair of headlights where you are. The stuff wears off after about a week.

I have sprayed it all over my backpack and some cordura/kevlar riding pants. I have really not bothered to look at how toxic it is, perhaps I will start to glow and no longer need the spray.

I still prefer to not ride at night.

Albedo 100 Reflective Spray Invisible Bright 4.6oz via Amazon Read the rest

Watch this stylish electric bike zoom through the countryside

This gorgeous Avionics electric bike prototype mixes modern technology with the classic style of early gas-powered motorcycles. Read the rest

This stabilized first-person footage of a mountain bike run is quite thrilling

This thrilling stabilized video of Steve Storey tearing down a mountain bike trail reminds me of the speeder bikes ripping through the redwood trees on Endor. Only real.

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Very black Bicycle playing cards

Black decks of cards certainly get a lot of attention. This Bicycle reversed deck may is my current favorite. They rule, even outside of a 90s dance club!

The stark contrast over the reversed rider back, and the super black faces of the cards is wonderful. The deck comes with a blank, and a double sided ace of spades.

Bicycle Black Reversed Back Playing Cards via Amazon Read the rest

Bicycle Big Foot playing cards

I figured Pesco might enjoy my magic tricks more, if I was using Bicycle's Big Foot deck.

The backs on this deck are just lovely. An absolutely homage to the Bicycle Rider Back, but done with Big Foot. Each face card is an illustration of a specialized, geographical Big Foot, and you'll rapidly learn the names from Ucu to California Desert Sasquatch. The numbered cards each include some Big Foot trivia!

I'm trying to come up with a Yeti themed trick!

Bicycle Bigfoot Playing Cards via Amazon Read the rest

Bikecamper: bicycle with sleeping box

Amsterdam artist Bas Srakel made the Bikecamper, a tricycle with an expandable coffin-like sleeping container meant "for homeless people, refugees and urban nomads." Read the rest

Bicycle hackers of 1948

In 1948, a group of makers in Chicago's "National Bicycle Dealers’ Association" took to modding their bikes in very creative and downright weird ways. They are the progenitors of Cyclecide, San Francisco's crazy bike carnival and rodeo creators! Above, the "Gangbusters Bike" outfitted with "13 shotguns, two revolvers, six bayonets and a flare gun." At right, the "Uno-Wheel," which "if braked suddenly, has been known to spin its rider round and round inside the big main wheel." More photos at LIFE. "Hell on Wheels: Life With Mutant Bicycles" Read the rest

Bicycle made (in part) from recycled car parts

Creative agency LOLA Madrid designed and built a prototype bicycle constructed entirely out of scrap auto parts, from a transmission belt used as the "chain" to a seat post clamp from a door handle.

Crocheted bicycle

I spied this cozy crocheted cruiser on Balboa Street just outside Shanghai Dumpling King in San Francisco. Bundle up, winter's coming! Read the rest

3D printed nylon bicycle that's "as strong as steel"

This 3D printed bicycle, exhibited at this week's London Design Festival, is claimed to be as strong as steel. It was printed from layers of fused nylon, using a technique more commonly deployed in satellite manufacture.

Launched this year by a team of development engineers, the bike is made up of successive layers of fused nylon powder that are each just one-tenth of a millimeter thick. Designed by Andy Hawkins and Chris Turner at the Aerospace Innovation Centre in Bristol, UK, the bike is constructed from a manufacturing process known as additive layer manufacturing (ALM), which is also used in the manufacturing of satellites.

Nylon Bike Made Using Satellite Technology is as Strong as Steel!

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