Rambling confession offered by strange hoarder creates more work for Trump's beleaguered legal team

Of course, Donald Trump feels the weird and creepy fawning over a precious treasure hoard of dirty laundry and national secrets was a win. In the world of politics and reality tv stardom, the gaslighting bullshit about what a champ he is somehow, bafflingly, works for the former President; in the legal arena, not so much.

The seeming confession by the man facing down a raft of criminal charges won't be what sinks him, but it certainly looks like another nail in the coffin. His legal team certainly has a lot more work to do.

Raw Story:

"Where Trump saw buzz, people hoping to keep him out of legal jeopardy saw trouble. Several of the ex-president's current and former legal advisors watched on with exasperated sighs, and in some cases terror, according to three people familiar with the matter," the report says.

His lawyers are among those most upset by the interview and misstatements.

"One lawyer working in Trump's orbit messaged Rolling Stone shortly after the interview first aired, predicting the Fox clip would be brought up by prosecutors at trial," the media report says. "'It was a disaster, if you are his lawyer,' says Ty Cobb, a former top Trump White House lawyer during a different special counsel probe. 'And they'll have more of those, because they won't be able to keep him quiet…Trump gave the government an enormous gift [in that Fox interview], and they will be able to use what he said to assist them in proving the former president's intent as to virtually all the charges in the Mar-a-Lago indictment.'"