Sony's Bad Bunny Spider-Man movie "El Muerto" just lost its release date

According to, Sony's Spider-Man spin-off El Muerto lost its release date.

Oh, to be a fly, or possibly a spider, on the wall at the offices of Sony Pictures. Despite having endless cash at their disposal and the rights to one of the greatest fictional characters of all time under their stewardship, Sony seems intent on making as many baffling decisions surrounding Spider-Man as possible. 

Well, that's not fair. For every great decision that Sony makes about Spider-Man's cinematic future, they make about three awful ones. I've recently covered why Sony's insistence on making spin-offs dedicated to Spider-Man's classic villains is a silly choice. Still, it's definitely a better one than making spin-off films about Spidey's unknown villains. 

Last year, news hit the net that Sony greenlit a new Spider-Man spin-off based on El Muerto(a blink and you'll miss him Spider-Man antagonist)starring Latin music sensation Bad Bunny. Now it seems like the studio has sobered up and realized that, despite Bad Bunny's immense star power, the film was most likely an awful idea that was destined for failure. 

Seems like El Muerto is… well, muerto. The Spider-Man spinoff film has lost its release date in the most recent movie schedule changes that are now coming out of Sony. While two other films on the list (comedy biopic Dumb Money and Jeymes Samuel's The Book of Clarence) got official new release dates, El Muerto's release date has been revised to "TBD." 


  • Dumb Money (Columbia Pictures) – September 22, 2023 (from October 20, 2023)
  • The Book of Clarence (Legendary Pictures) – January 12, 2024 (from September 22, 2023)
  • El Muerto (Columbia Pictures)  TBD Date (from January 12, 2024)

There were murmurs back in the spring that El Muerto was at a "standstill" (according to Bad Bunny's publicist). There had been an obvious cooling effect taking place: El Muerto was not only greenlit but fast-tracked in the spring of 2022, after Bad Bunny thrilled audiences in Sony's action flick Bullet Train. As you can see above, El Muerto was supposed to shoot, wrap, and get through post-production by January 2024. Since we're now at summer 2023 and cameras haven't even begun rolling yet, with the WGA Strike only growing stronger by the day (and possibly soon including actors too), it's pretty clear this movie was another attempt by Sony that ultimately didn't pan out.