Chris Christie goofs when he says Trump is either a "liar" or he's "stupid" (video)

Chris Christie was, predictably, booed by half the audience today at a Faith and Freedom Coalition event after he criticized MAGA king Donald Trump. Apparently the mob was none too please to hear Christie admit that the former one-term prez has "let us down." But the former New Jersey governor, who has had his own share of letting folks down, shrugged it off, saying, "You can boo all you want." (See first video below, posted by The Recount)

He later told CNN he knew that was going to happen when he accepted the invitation to speak at the function. "But … I'm not pandering to anybody," he said. "I'm going to tell the truth, the truth matters, damn it, and I'm telling the truth about Donald Trump." (See second video below.)

Only Christie didn't tell the truth about Trump, at least not the whole truth, saying the former twice-impeached ex-prez was either a liar or stupid.

"Either he's a liar, or he's stupid. Because he said the other day in an interview that he never trusted me," Christie explained. "Well, he offered me White House Chief of Staff. So either he's a liar that he never trusted me, or, anybody who would offer the White House Chief of Staff to somebody who they don't trust, is stupid." The logic sounds good, but Christie erroneously left out the third and correct option: It's well known that Trump is both a liar and stupid.