The tilting Millennium Tower's sewage is backing up, flooding units

While notorious building engineer Ron Hamburger continues to claim 'the fix' is working and things are just fine at the building, two residents have notified NBC Bay Area that their units have suffered some disgusting damage. The video shares images of a kitchen full of disgusting sludge the resident claims is a result of the tilt.

NBC Bay Area reports that building management denies tilt is involved in these issues and blames the residents for flushing "sanitary wipes" down their toilets. The residents deny using verboten wipes, and independent building engineers think the most likely culprit is the ever-leaning structure. Past warnings by the Hamburger mentioned above are quoted as proof residents should expect these anomalies as the lean continued. He didn't describe sewage bubbling out of their kitchen sink or filling their oven, but here they are.

Not only is this a structural disaster, but now every kitchen can be a burbling cesspool!