"I'm a legitimate person" — Trump's hilarious 13-point refutation of incriminating recording

We know Donald Trump is a very stable genius because he told us. And last night, we learned that he is also a "legitimate person." He awarded himself the moniker while refuting the recent recording where he can be heard admitting to being in possession of classified documents in violation of the law.

In the video below, Chris Hayes broke down Trump's refutation of the video into 13 points:

  1. Everything was fine
  2. He did nothing wrong
  3. His voice was fine
  4. Didn't see recordings
  5. Did nothing wrong (again)
  6. He had a lot of papers (stacked up)
  7. You could hear paper rustle
  8. Nobody said he is wrong
  9. Other than the fake news
  10. Fox is also fake news
  11. What other recordings?
  12. Doesn't do things wrong
  13. He's a legitimate person