Watch: Futurama teases mind-blowing third ending in thrilling Hulu revival trailer

Having an awful ending is one of the worst sins a movie or television can commit. No matter how amazing the preceding hours of entertainment were, if a movie or television show doesn't stick the landing, the crappy ending taints everything that came before it. 

Take Lost, for example. Even though it was a cultural phenomenon at one point, Lost's polarizing ending marred the series and caused it to slip into obscurity. Very few shows can pull off a good ending, let alone a great one. However, Futurama is not your average television show. 

Futurama doesn't just have one good ending; it has two. The series' first finale in The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings was a touching yet open-ended resolution of Fry's adventures in the 21st century. And when the series came back on Comedy Central, the second series finale Meanwhile somehow topped the previous ending. Can Futurama and the famed Planet Express crew stick the landing for a third time? 

Check out the trailer for Futurama's new Hulu revival featured in the video linked.