In a panic over "data pillagers," Musk makes things even worse for his remaining advertisers

Twitter owner and potential cage match participant Elon "Pedo Guy" Musk has spoken on Twitter's latest move in his five-dimensional chess game with profitability and debt service: he shut off a large portion of his advertise-able to readership because he feels someone is stealing from him.

Every day the demographic of "people still logging in to Twitter" probably skews increasingly Neo-Nazi. Musk has been chasing out "the libs" by enforcing his version of free speech. Many advertisers understood this would happen before he bought the company, and took off. The few who remain likely want to reach the people searching Twitter but not participating. They may fit their demographic better than folks willing to give Musk control of the data he desires.

One thing we can be sure about is that declining numbers of "unique users" and "pageviews" will result in less revenue. As Twitter loses steam, and perhaps finds its new 4chan-ish equilibrium, Musk will continue to cut his way to "profitability," and he'll continue to see the same success

The Verge:

Now, regardless of how you try to access the website — be that the homepage or a direct link to a tweet or profile — you're immediately met with a sign-in prompt that completely obscures your view. It doesn't even tease the content with a swift redirect. You simply can't see anything.

Twitter has yet to make a public announcement, so it's currently unclear if this is an intentional update or another technical mishap. If Twitter stands by the changes, however, they both contradict and support other actions that owner Elon Musk has taken in the past year. In 2022, Musk hired noted iPhone hacker George Hotz to fix its search feature and get rid of the login prompt that prevents unregistered users from browsing the website. Hotz resigned less than halfway through his 12-week internship with the company, claiming he "didn't think there was any real impact I could make there." In April this year, Twitter then eliminated the platform's search feature for unregistered users entirely.