Behold the Gallery of Condiment Packets

I dislike condiment packets for all the obvious reasons–more packaging than product, packaging is immortal, etc–but somehow dozens if not hundreds of them have accumulated in my possession. Rather than interrogate this (or empty that overflowing drawer), I'll instead direct you to the magnificent Condiment Packet Gallery, an archive of this particular endpoint of consumer capitalism.

I got a little overwhelmed this week. As part of updating this website, I take the opportunity to clean a few packets, sort a few, catalog a few, etc. I have so many in the backlog, it's easy to go bug-eyed! I figured I'd try to round out some of the miscellaneous packets that aren't part of the sauce menu up top, you'll have to dive deeper in the More tab to see the full suite of sauces here in the collection.

Curator Pixy Stoneskipper has been at this for two decades now.

 I began collecting condiment packets in November of 2003. Initially the purpose of the collection was a more practical one. I came to the conclusion that ketchup was no longer a reasonable thing to spend money on. A handful of packets here and there would do just fine. I began to pick up other condiments as well. I stopped at a variety of locations in order to gather new types of condiments. It was around this time that I discovered how many different condiment packets existed. A collector by nature, the only logical thing for me to do was attempt to get every different packet design I possibly could.

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Update: Ahem.