KnobFeel: reviews focusing on the tactile properties of knobs, dials and controls

I can't believe I never blogged about KnobFeel during its lifespan (the site hasn't been updated in a long time) but the archives are a delight: reviews, replete with videos, of the knobs, dials and controls used on consumer electronics and like equipment. "This is a lovely piece of Knobbage!" the author writes of the Mesa Walkabout, a fine example of the genre, bristling with knobs.

Axial skew is almost non-existent. Rotation is as smooth as fur. Highly recommended if you need more Knobs in your life!

I'm of that generation where, growing up, I saw the aging and replacement of magnificently well-knobbed 1970s/80s gear with plasticky, clicky 1990s gear. This is what they took from me, so I'm a sucker for fine knobs.