Neighbors excited to see 20 LAPD in riot control gear and a police helicopter break up a loud party

Los Angeles cracked down on a party house in Studio City. The party looks bigger than is likely to be safe, or well-managed; however, traditionally, it appears LAPD rolled in enough cops, in enough battle gear, even to frighten the people who called them.

Large parties being thrown at Airbnb/short-term rentals is undoubtedly a problem. Hopefully, the response cost is offloaded to the homeowner, making these sorts of rentals a lot less likely to repeat. Neighborhoods should also consider the likelihood of LAPD screwing up, even on non-party-related calls.


"Basically, the whole neighborhood was shut down and it was very frightening to see 20 police in riot gear in our quiet neighborhood," said Tony Lucente.

Another neighbor, Tina, said she spoke with some of the partygoers, who were not too sympathetic to the neighbors' complaints.

"One of 'em said, 'Hey look, we're young were just trying to have fun,' and people said, 'Oh, are you sleepy, would you like to be sleeping?' And, yes, I'd like to be sleeping, could you please go home this is not appropriate," she said.

Be careful what you wish for.