Trump muses that endorsing him may accelerate sea level rise

I believe everyone knows criminally indicted and twice impeached one-term President Donald Trump has some seriously nefarious plans in the works if he wins a second term. Still, campaigning in Nevada, he offered a glimpse into his preferred future: beachfront property in Nevada.

"He [DeSantis] said, if you endorse me in the state of Florida, which we love, we all love Florida," the one-term President said. "And remember, Florida is easier than other places."

"You have the ocean, and you have the sun," he continued. "There's something about that that works. But you have the sun too, but you don't have the ocean, I can tell you."

"You definitely don't have the ocean," he said as if no one was aware of that. "Maybe someday you'll have the ocean.

"You never know," he said. "Someday. Hopefully, it's a long time away, right?"

"Hopefully," he added. "But he said, if you endorse me, I say, look, you know what?"

Crooks and Liars

Aside from the obvious truths in this statement, like there is "no ocean" in any land-locked State of the Union, where is Trump going with this one? Can we assume he plans to introduce the ocean to Nevada from the West? Is this a campaign promise?

I once rode the Coast Starlight from LA to Seattle and was seated with some fine preppers from the State of Oregon during a meal. These guys were certain that Eastern Oregon would be ocean-front property in our lifetimes. OK.