Zoo asks visitors to stop showing gorillas videos on their phones

Toronto Zoo urges visitors to stop showing videos to the gorillas there. It's having a bad influence on them, disrupting their family relationships and behavior, and one among them has become particularly "enthralled" by it: "screen time would dominate his life if he had his way," the zoo warns.

"We just want the gorillas to be able to be gorillas," Hollie Ross, behavioural husbandry supervisor at the zoo, said in an interview with CP24 on Thursday.

"And when our guests come to the zoo, we want them to be able to see gorillas in a very natural state, and what they would be doing naturally – to sort of connect with them on that level."

The lessons for us humans are as obvious as they will remain unheeded.

A zoo in Chicago had to put up a rope line a few feet away from the glass partition of its gorilla enclosure to keep visitors from showing their phones to one of the apes who had becomeso distracted by the gadgets that officials started seeing behavioural changes, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

I'm surprised GOP-led state legislatures aren't trying to put them to work cleaning slaughterhouse saws, pouring drinks, etc.