Hilarious hen can't find a place to lay her egg — until she finds an unsuspecting llama (video)

A no-nonsense hen couldn't find an available nesting box at her sanctuary, so she got creative and laid her egg on a nice soft llama instead. (See hilarious video below, posted by hen_stefani.)

"I can tell it's coming out," said Ashley Erdos, founder of Arizona's Fluffy Top Animal Sanctuary, as Henrietta the hen got snug in the crook between the llama's neck and back. Then out popped the egg, as if it was nothing but a simple chore.

"There we go!" shouted Erdos.

From Newsweek:

Erdos believes Henrietta chose Biscuit as a nesting box due to his position, with the llama resting under a swamp cooler at the time. However, Henrietta also regularly uses the 7-year-old llama to escape from Dumbledore, a rooster who is "obsessed" with her.

"She has jumped on Biscuit in the past, but it's always because Dumbledore is chasing her," Erdos said.

Front page thumbnail image: PixSaJu / shutterstock.com