Noctis is the missing link of open-world space sims

Alessandro Ghignola's spaceflight simulator Noctis dates to 1996 and, with its myriad of procedurally-generated planets and open-world enormity, is a missing link between the classic Elite series and modern marvels such as No Man's Sky and the forthcoming Starfield. More than any of the above, it's a trip. Time Extension interviewed Alessandro and finds someone more at home, these days, with pixels than people.

Ghignola developed Noctis as a reflection of his dreams and exploring a desolate space, while being alone in the universe. Ironically, while now in the middle of his own (very real) isolation, Ghignola wonders how Noctis ended up bringing together people. "The community in Noctis found a way to connect even through isolation. In some way, out of my hands, Noctis became all about connecting with people, rather than escaping them, like I've been doing all my life."

Here's a let's play:

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