Hot mic: Philadelphia Flyers apologizes for mean staffer who was caught dissing a reporter (video)

A huffy social media worker for the Philadelphia Flyers was caught on a hot mic ripping into reporter Giana Han of the Philadelphia Inquirer who was simply asking the hockey team's new forward, Garnet Hathaway, about his decision to join the team.

"How many times is she going to ask this fucking question?" the catty staffer said in the background, clearly not aware that he was in close proximity to a hot mic. His rude remark was followed by another voice that sounded like they said "The Flyer's suck!" (See video below, posted by Lights Out Hockey.)

Meanwhile, Hathaway — whether he did not hear the rude interruption or decided it just wasn't worth giving it his attention —seamlessly carried on.

The team has since apologized (see bottom post):

"Earlier today, our team's social media account streamed a recording of a virtual press conference which included disrespectful remarks by members of our social media staff. On behalf of the entire Flyers organization, I want to extend our apologies. Any disrespect toward reporters is completely unacceptable, especially when they are simply doing their job. We have reached out to the reporter and the outlet personally to express our regret, and will continue to promote an environment of mutual respect when working with media."