Tesla board reportedly investigates Musk's financial chicanery

So, what will Tesla's impotent board do, assuming they uncover evidence that Musk "mistakenly" used company funds for a personal project? These types of things don't "happen all the time," but they certainly happen. Usually, the CEO gets a slap on the wrist and reimburses the company for "mistakenly" blurring the lines between personal finances and their fiduciary responsibility to the business and its shareholders.

It seems Musk isn't just building personal projects near SpaceX and the Boring Company, but he may also have directed Tesla to make him a big glass house. The only surprising thing here is that the normally silent and well-controlled Tesla board may have looked into something.


Tesla may have investigated CEO Elon Musk over possible improprieties. The Wall Street Journal's sources claim the EV maker's board launched an investigation over concerns Musk might be using company funds to build a house near the Austin-area Gigafactory. Nicknamed "Project 42," the initiative is believed to involve a purchase of millions of dollars in special glass — large enough that it drew attention from employees last year. Limited liability firms linked to Musk and executives are also known to have bought large volumes of land in the area.

Concepts for the house included either a "twisted hexagon" or a glass cube reminiscent of Apple's 5th Avenue store. This appeared to be personal space as it included bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen, the tipsters said.

The status and results of the investigation aren't known. Tesla disbanded its PR department years ago, and Musk hasn't commented on the report as of this writing. However, the board reportedly wanted to learn if Musk was involved and whether worker time had been devoted to the house. Bloomberg learned of the glass order last year, but didn't know about the board or the nature of Project 42.