Minnesota's GOP grapples with paying off huge debt — with only $53 in the bank

The Republican party of Minnesota — responsible for sending stable geniuses like Michele "slavery was not a sin" Bachmann to Congress — currently finds itself grappling with a conundrum: how to pay off its $334,000 debt obligation with recorded assets of $53.81, reports Raw Story.

I'm confident they will find a solution. After all, the GOP party prides itself on being the beacon of fiscal responsibility. And like the Lannisters from Game of Thrones, its members always repay their debts. Or maybe not. Come to think of it, they only resemble the Lannisters in that they are more likely to harbor an unusual fondness for a family member than they are to pay off a loan.

Speaking of people who lust after blood relatives, the GOP may have more in common with Ivanka Trump's father, a reckless spendthrift known for making poor financial decisions, accruing massive debts, and then declaring bankruptcy, leaving creditors empty-handed.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party of Arizona, having recently reported a plunge in assets from $770,000 a few years ago to a mere $50,000 now, must be experiencing a sense of bittersweet relief. You can bet GOP grifters in the Grand Canyon State already have a plan to get their hands on that sweet little bundle of cash. Ditat Deus indeed!