These donkeys really love toast!

These donkeys munching their morning toast brought a smile to my face—I hope you enjoy them too! In the video you'll see four donkeys–Eli, Nutmeg, Edward, and Muffin—being fed toast by "Chatty Farmer" Chris Franklin and then happily enjoying their snack. At the end of the video there's also a cameo from Violet the cat.

They all live at Caenhill Countryside Centre, an animal rescue and educational charity in Devizes (near Rowde, England). Their website explains:

The Caenhill Countryside Centre is a project which brings countryside learning to children, young people and communities. Located just to the west of Devizes near the Caen Hill locks and covers 70 acres of land. This land is owned by Wiltshire Council who have granted a 5 year lease to the centre – subject to planning. During this time we aim to prove a sustainable future for the project. Over the last 2 years, the project manager Helie Franklin has been liaising with schools, communities, interested groups and the wider community. The project has begun by clearing up overgrown areas and making them once more, a productive working feature.

To see more of the delightful animals that live at Caenhill, follow their Instagram or go to their website