Hey weirdo, the Pagan Breakfast God Mask has arrived

Bow down before the one you serve... breakfast to!

There's never been a doubt that the folks at Archie McPhee have a weird sense of humor. In fact, we count on it. Case in point, their latest offering: the Pagan Breakfast God Mask ($17.95). Bacon, check. Eggs, check. Toast with butter, check. Weird as all get out, CHECK.

Yours truly, this past summer when I was at the Archie McPhee HQ recording a podcast (and rocking the Pagan Breakfast God-dess Mask which I've had to keep hush-hush until now!).

photos by Archie McPhee and David Wahl Read the rest

Mark Zuckerberg eats toast

The audio work makes it funny; the original, narrated by Morgan Freeman, is just uncomfortable, even as it smooths over the fact you're watching Zuckerberg eat plain toast right out of the toaster while nodding mechanically. Read the rest

It is National Toast Day

Toast tastes great. I can't have toast, because I'm on a keto diet. So I hate all of you toast-eating people, right now. But I still love Taste Cheshire's toast identification chart, upon which I can drool this fine Tuesday morning.

P.S. I like a nice light E1. Read the rest

Japanese Toast Art

"Earlier this spring," begins Brian Ashcraft, "Hittomii began uploading toast art in earnest." Read the rest