Tour of a teeny-tiny closet-size NYC apartment that costs $650/month

The tiniest apartment in New York City, roughly the size of a walk-in closet, has made waves online. Caleb Simpson, a video creator known for giving tours of unusual homes, met with Alaina Randazzo last September to get a look at the itty bitty Midtown Manhattan apartment she's been renting for $650 per month.

Randazzo, a 25-year-old fashion worker, lives in the home's singular room, called a single-room occupancy (SRO). It doesn't even have its own bathroom, Randazzo's unit includes just a sink, with shower and toilet facilities shared among other tenants in the building.

Simpson left this comment, "I forgot to mention in the video but Alaina told me she does not plan to renew her lease. It's a 1 year fun experience to see what tiny living is like in NYC. I personally think that's one of the reasons it's so fun to live here. You can hop around between neighborhoods and try out new living situations all the time!"

A few months later, Simpson spent 24 hours in the apartment and made a video about that experience.

This shoebox of an apartment isn't the only one. You may remember Felice Cohen (who, incidentally, is someone I've known since high school) from when her 90-square-foot place in the Upper West Side went viral a few years back. At the time, she was paying $700 per month. A year later, she was threatened with eviction or pay twice as much. She opted to buy elsewhere, and got a place that's over five times the size of her micro-studio. (Everlasting Blort)