Man films neighbor's bizarre tantrum over cat's preferred hangout spot

A San Diego, California man recorded a video (posted by Detect Clips) of his cat-owning neighbor throwing a fit because his cat, Mercury, likes to hang out in the man's yard. To be clear, it's the owner who is upset that his neighbor allows the cat to visit, not the other way around, which is usually the case.

"You're upset with me because we made friends with your cat, sir?" asks the man.

The cat's owner demands that the man speak to Mercury and direct him to return home, "Go in your yard and say, 'Mercury, go home. Don't come in our yard anymore.'"

With a note of incredulity, the man responds, "She's a cat. She doesn't speak English."

Growing increasingly irate, the cat's owner resorts to name-calling, hurling the peculiar insult of "Cat pervert!" at the bewildered man.

Taking things to another level, the cat's owner called the police to report that the man is guilty of "harboring a cat."

The man who recorded the video said of the incident:

"My neighbors have a very friendly outdoor cat that likes to hang out in my yard. The cat is free to come and go as it pleases. For some reason, they don't like that, and decided it's my job to tell the cat where and where not to go. Before I started recording, they said I was 'manipulating' the cat by 'befriending' it. They did end up calling the police after I stopped recording, but the police almost immediately hung up on them. The cat was right back in my yard the next morning."