Watch giant panda and her just-born baby twins in amazing footage

A giant panda at a theme park in South Korea gave birth to two pink, healthy, very squeaky cubs last Friday, and the immediate aftermath was caught on video (see amazing footage below, posted by BBC News).

The mama panda, Ai Bao, looks busy as she carefully handles one of her high-pitched, squirming babies — which looks more extraterrestrial than earthly. The newborns — both girls — are the first panda twins born in South Korea, and Ai Bao's small family are the only pandas in the country, according to AP News.

Ai Bao and a male panda, Le Bao, came to the park in 2016 from China on a 15-year lease. In 2020, Ai Bao gave birth to a female cub named Fu Bao.

Ai Bao, Le Bao and Fu Bao had been the only pandas in South Korea. Everland's Panda World, which houses the three pandas, has received 14 million visitors, according to the resort group.

Front page thumbnail image: GeSton /