Iowa's abortion ban temporarily halted by judge

Days after it became law, Iowa's ban on abortions was halted by a federal judge: "Today's ruling means Iowans will once again have access to safe and legal abortion, and control over their bodily autonomy as this harmful law makes its way through the courts," said Ruth Richardson, president of Planned Parenthood there.

"The court will grant the temporary injunction requested here. In doing so, it recognizes that there are good, honorable and intelligent people – morally, politically and legally – on both sides of this upsetting societal and constitutional dilemma," Judge Seidlin's conclusion read. "The court believes it must follow current Iowa Supreme Court precedent and preserve the status quo ante while this litigation and adversarial presentation which our Supreme Court has invited moves forward."

It's Iowa Republicans' second run at it: a similar 2019 ban was permanently struck down that year. The law was passed again after the rightward lurch at the U.S. Supreme Court, which ended the constitutional right to an abortion last year.

The hand-in-glove conservative priorities of "ban abortion" and "legalize child labor" define them well.