Marjorie Taylor Greene calls for firing Jack Smith, but admits she doesn't know why (video)

In true MAGA form, Marjorie Taylor Greene lays out her plan to fire Special Counsel Jack Smith for bringing charges against Donald Trump, but then admits she's not sure what those charges are.

"My plan, and I've had it all along, is to defund Jack Smith's special counsel. Uh, we can do that through the Holman rule and work that through the appropriations process," the Georgia Qongresswoman said on Fox News, referring to a controversial 19th century House rule that, essentially, allows lawmakers to fire a specific federal employee, according to Wikipedia. (The rule was rescinded 19 years after it was passed, but resurrected several times by Republicans (and re-rescinded several times by Democrats), revived once again by the GOP in 2023.)

"I believe in firing people, Larry, and I think Jack Smith needs to be fired," the authoritarian lawmaker said, furious about the charges against the former twice-impeached president, before admitting, "We don't even know the charges he's bringing against President Trump."

Welp, if there was any question before, we now know how Empty G. got her nickname.

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