Dolly Parton rocks on with Queen's 'We Are The Champions' for upcoming album

Dolly Parton will rock you. The country music legend has now taken on the rock 'n roll anthem "We Are The Champions." As a sneak peek of her upcoming album Rockstar, due out in November, Parton has released her unique cover of the Queen tune. Unlike other songs on the album where she pulls in heavy-hitting guests including Paul McCartney and Mick Fleetwood, this one she sings solo.

Far Out:

Unlike most of the other songs on Rockstar, Parton's rendition of the Queen classic doesn't have any special guest appearances from rock royalty. Instead, it's just Parton belting out the song with her signature twang fully intact. There's even a minute-long coda featuring 'We Will Rock You', reversing the usual order of the medley.

The cover is the fourth publicly released track from Rockstar, an album inspired by her 2022 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination. If you remember, she originally turned down the nomination because, as a country music star, she didn't want to take away from actual rock nominees. Then, she later accepted the nomination and was inducted into the Hall of Fame, vowing to do right by the honor. And that's how we got a Dolly Parton rock 'n' roll album.