Uvalde dad blasts Lauren Boebert's fake apology over trashing a memorial pin (video)

Texas dad Brett Cross — whose little boy was shot and killed in the Robb Elementary School massacre — brutally called out Lauren Boebert's "apology" for trashing a Uvalde memorial pin. (See original video here.)

In his own video (see below), Cross edited her crocodile-tear-stained PR stunt, cutting into her excuses with his incisive responses. For example, when she tries to attack the gun-control activist who handed her the pin as an "aggressive man" who has harassed her before, Cross proves her a liar by showing us a clip of who she is referring to — clearly a different person, name and all.

And when she says, "I didn't want to receive anything this man had to give me," Cross corrects the Colorado Qongresswoman again, showing us the clip in which she didn't "receive" anything but rather actively plucked the pin and pamphlet from the man's hand.

And when she pretends to say sorry (and then quickly negates her apology by saying her bad behavior was just a mirage), he calls her out. "Nah, see, you're apologizing because you got caught and it's on camera, that's why," he says. "You got caught."


My reaction and video evidence of Lauren Boebert lying after throwing away Maites Shoes pin.

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