Ominous chart reveals alarming temperature spike in North Atlantic Ocean

On Tuesday, I posted a chart that revealed the unprecedented loss of sea ice in the Antarctic. Things are doing so well on the north side of our planet, either.

As shown in this ominous chart, the North Atlantic sea surface temperature has been racing upward since the beginning of the year. This month, the temperature has been about 1.4 degrees C above the 1991–2020 means for the same days.

From NASA:

A large fraction of the Earth's fresh water is frozen: It's stored in glaciers all around the world, and in both the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets. When this ice melts or calves off, the water flows into the oceans and sea levels rise. If all glaciers and ice sheets melted, global sea level would rise by more than 195 feet (60 meters).

As the temperature rises in the North Atlanta, permafrost will thaw. This will release the greenhouse gas methane, speeding up what looks to be an unstoppable trend at this point.

Meanwhile, it's so hot in Arizona, doctors are treating a spike of patients who were burned by falling on the ground.