The new Ron DeSantis swaps the word 'woke' for 'narrative' and utters it over — and over — and over again (video)

Ron DeSantis has based his entire campaign on being the anti-"woke" candidate, known to mindlessly spit out the word "woke" — its true meaning be damned — a good seven times in 23 seconds. But with his tanking campaign anything but awoke, the desperate Florida man, with only a fraction of his staff left, decided to take a new tactic.

In his feeble attempt to rebrand himself, DeSantis has apparently scrapped "woke" from his limited lexicon, at least in his latest interview, only to replace it with the word "narrative." In fact, in the video below (posted by Ron Filipkowski), he says "narrative" a tongue-twisting 15 times in one sitting. "…fake narrative … false narrative … creating a narrative … narrative journalism … they want their narratives, this does not fit their narratives … …"

But what DeSantis is actually trying to say — his message to voters — is anyone's guess. He might as well be saying, "She sells seashells by the seashore."

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