RFK Jr says Bill Gates is planning to turn us into "enslaved consumers" with "biometric sub-dermal sensor system" implants

RFK Jr's tall tale about Bill Gates' plans to control the populace with implanted chips sounds like something a middle-school student would write in 1985 after reading Neuromancer. Here's what he had to say in a recent interview (video below posted by PatriotTakes):

Microsoft has patented a chip system that is a biometric sub-dermal sensor system. So it will actually be able to sense brainwaves and, and body signals like heart rate, etc. And it will, it will assign you tasks.

In other words, you will get a message on your phone to do certain tasks. And your task will be "look at a certain ad when it appears on TV in 30 seconds." "Listen to this music." "Walk down this aisle at the grocery store." Then it will monitor your brainwaves, your heart rate, your adrenaline, all of this kind of stuff. And it feeds that information to marketing companies, and you then get paid for doing that task with cryptocurrency that goes directly into your account.

Oh, you know, these companies like Elon Musk also controls all the satellites and Gates, you know, are going to be putting us all out of business. Half of the people in this country make some of their living driving a car. Well, now they're going to give us you know, these driverless cars and you're gonna have a lot of Americans who are permanently unemployed, and they're going to you want these chips, because you could make money like doing these tasks by playing a video game or whatever. And it's going to it's basically a process of turning us all into production units, all into enslaved consumers. And, you know, with total surveillance all the time.

I'm not a stable genius like RFK Jr, so maybe I don't understand. But why would the information gathered from unemployed individuals, especially when forced to engage in specific behaviors, have any value to marketing companies? Companies typically seek data on consumer preferences and behaviors from a willing participant pool of employed people to make informed marketing decisions.

If he wasn't such a creepy antisemite I'd feel sorry for him.

(Source for photocollage: Robert F. Kennedy in 2021; photo credit: Renato Murolo 68 / Shutterstock.com)