Zoo in China insists this is a real bear and not a human in disguise, but really? (video)

A zoo in China insists that the creature standing in the Malayan sun bear enclosure is an actual bear — and not a human dressed in a bear costume (see video below, posted by Philip Lewis).

But many viewers of the now viral video have their doubts, and I don't blame them. The so-called bear, with her human-like movements and posture — not to mention her wrinkled back fur that makes it look like she's wearing an ill-fitted Amazon costume that's a size too large — looks way more like a human imposter pulling a prank.

In a statement written as if coming from "Angela" the bear, however, the Hangzhou zoo stands firm: "The zoo director called me after work yesterday and asked if I'd been slacking off by finding a two-legged beast to replace me. Some people thought the way I stand up looks too human… so I will stress again: I'm a sun bear!" Okay, if you say so!

Image: Jatuporn Chainiramitkul / shutterstock.com