Elderly woman calms violent intruder by giving him graham crackers and peanut butter

Last week in Brunswick, Maine, Marjorie Perkins, 87, was terrified when she awoke at 2am to find a man standing above her bed. He had removed his shirt and pants and told Perkins he was going to cut her with his knife. The two fought and Perkins ran into her kitchen. That's when she says the intruder told her that he was "awfully hungry.

From AP:

So, she gave him a box of peanut butter and honey crackers, two protein drinks and two tangerines.

Perkins dialed 911 on her rotary phone and was talking to a dispatcher while the intruder collected his pants and left. He left behind a knife, shirt, shoes and a water bottle containing alcohol, she said[…]

"I think our law has just folded up," she said. "People aren't afraid of anything anymore. They feel they can do as they please."

Police tracked down the man, a teenager, and charged him with burglary, criminal threatening, assault, and consuming alcohol as a minor.