Woman accused of spiking hubby's coffee with bleach charged with attempted murder

An Arizona woman is accused of poisoning her estranged husband's coffee with bleach for several months and has been charged with attempted first-degree murder. The two had filed for divorce but were still living together with their son when he began to notice a bad taste in his morning cup back in March.

Baffled, it wasn't until May, after weeks of investigating and even testing his tap water — which turned out to be normal — that he finally set up a camera in his kitchen. That's when he caught his wife "pouring something into his coffee pot," according to court documents.

From Huff Post:

Melody Johnson of Tucson was indicted by a grand jury on charges of first-degree attempted murder, attempting to commit aggravated assault and poisoning food or drink, CNN reported. She was arrested on July 18, NBC News reported.

Court documents obtained by KVOA-TV in Tucson say that the husband — who was not named in initial reports but is identified by CNN as Roby Johnson — began to suspect his wife of poisoning him at the end of March. Roby is in the U.S. Air Force and was stationed in Germany at the time. …

On July 5, Roby reportedly caught Melody on camera "walk to his coffee maker and pour something into his water reservoir" while the family was temporarily stationed at a hotel on Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson. Roby showed the video to police, but officers told him that whatever Melody poured into the machine's reservoir wasn't apparent and that his report was "taken with no follow up," according to the complaint.

When the family moved to permanent housing on July 7, Roby set up more cameras that looked like fire alarms that attached to the ceiling, according to court documents. One was placed in the laundry room, where bleach was kept, another was placed over the coffee machine and a third was placed to show the space between the two areas, the documents said.

With the new setup, Roby was able to collect multiple videos that show Melody "take bleach, pour it into a container and then walk over and pour it into the coffee maker," the documents say.

Johnson "believes she was trying to kill him to collect death benefits," according to court documents.

Top image: BLACKDAY / shutterstock.com