Snake falls from sky and attacks woman, then a hawk attacks them both (video)

Peggy Jones, 64, of Silsbee, Texas, was mowing her lawn when a snake fell from the sky on top of her. The serpent wrapped itself around her forearm and then tried to strike her face. Moments later, a hawk swooped down from the sky and attacked them both, cutting up her arm. Clearly, the hawk had dropped the snake and wasn't about to give up a good meal.

From the Dallas News:

Jones remembers the hawk circling overhead, diving toward her at least four times before it pulled the snake off of her arm and flew away.

"I'm screaming during this whole time, 'Help me, Jesus! Please, help me, Jesus!'" she told KPRC-TV.

Jones' husband took her to the emergency room. She was treated for cuts and puncture marks from the hawk and bruising from the snake, she said.

"I feel like the luckiest person alive to have survived this," Jones told KPRC-TV.