Trump to trade MAGA hat for le béret 

If given his druthers, former President Donald Trump would like to move to the South of France. Sadly, his raft of criminal indictments may be keeping him in the United States, where his best chance to avoid incarceration is to win the race for President and fire the prosecutors in charge of the case.

At a recent rally in New Hampshire, Trump told the crowd he would prefer to live in France. I would like to sign the goodbye card.


Donald Trump admitted that he would like to leave the U.S. and live overseas.

Trump, who has frequentlyexpresseddisdain for America and Americans, made the confession during a campaign rally in New Hampshire on Tuesday as he griped about the criminal charges against him and lamented ever getting into politics.

"I could have been relaxing at Mar-a-Lago or in the south of France ― which I would prefer to being in this country, frankly."