Twitter fined $350k for protecting Trump; gave up the goods anyways

The Special Counsel's investigation resulted in a subpoena for Trump's Twitter account. To preserve the evidence recorded in his DM's, Twitter was also blocked from telling Trump about it. After failing to comply, Twitter was fined $350k before finally handing over the information.

Twitter did repeatedly request permission to tell Trump about it.


Prosecutors first attempted to serve Twitter with the warrant through their website for legal requests on January 17, 2023, "only to find out that the website was inoperative," the ruling says. Prosecutors successfully contacted and served Twitter through that same website two days later.

The next week, however, prosecutors contacted Twitter's lawyer to check on the status of their compliance with the search warrant. Twitter' s counsel stated that she "had not heard anything about [the] [w]arrant," according to the order.

By the first week of February, Twitter had asked the DC district court to vacate the nondisclosure order, arguing that they should be able to tell Trump about the warrant. A district judge denied that request, and Twitter turned over the records on February 9.

In March, Twitter asked the DC appeals court to reverse the district court's opinion upholding the nondisclosure order. Prosecutors amended the order in June to allow for some information to be provided to Trump.