Watch 93-year-old Rhoda Arnold screaming in terror and delight as she tries to feed animals at a wildlife park

Watch Rhoda Arnold, a 93-year-old grandma from Louisville, Kentucky screaming with both terror and delight as she attempts to feed animals at Wilstem Wildlife Park in Paoli, Indiana.

The animals don't seem too bothered by the manic panic and all of the hullabaloo, as they just move along to the back window for treats, which are calmly distributed by Rhoda's grandson. Grandma Rhoda finally conquers her fears, though, and lets an emu feast from the cup she's holding. She seems relieved that the emu doesn't attack her, but instead just munches on the kibble.

The video, which was posted by her daughter, currently has almost 9 million views on TikTok. For more information on Wilstem Wildlife Park, check out their webpage.