Scary big cat spotted in UK public park turned out to be a plushie

Residents of Steyning, a small rural town in southeast England, spotted a big cat resembling a panther in a public park. They summoned police who bravely approached the animal. From a police tweet on the matter:

Reports of a large apex predator in the Steyning area turned out to be true," explained the Horsham Police department on Twitter while sharing a photo of the 'big cat' still lumbering onto the park bench. "It may be a stuffed toy," they wrote, "but the attending officers didn't necessarily know that at first."

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Russian driver encounters rare endangered Amur Tiger walking down the road (VIDEO)

I would have completely lost it. Read the rest

Video: 5 California mountain lions hanging out together, home surveillance camera footage

This is some pretty amazing and highly rare video -- seldom do you get footage of five, count 'em FIVE, California mountain lions all hanging out together. The big cats were captured on home surveillance video, in a rare gathering of the typically solitary critters. Read the rest

This real-life Tigger is the most ancient type of cat alive today

The clouded leopard isn’t just uber-adorable, its genetic blueprint is shared by all modern-day cats.

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US dentist blamed for killing beloved lion in Zimbabwe

Palmer is said to have paid $50,000 for the privilege of killing the big cat with a bow and arrow.

Video: Leopard injures 3 in chaos at India school

At least three people were injured today when a leopard entered a school in the southern Indian city of Chikmagalur, Karnataka. Read the rest