Rep. George Santos fundraiser charged with crime after allegedly impersonating Kevin McCarthy aide

A fundraiser for Long Island Republican representative George Santos was charged with federal crimes today over calls and emails in which he impersonated an aide to House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy. Samuel Miele faces four counts of wire fraud and one of aggravated identity theft over the methods he used to get cash for his comically corrupt congressman.

Miele, 27, is accused of pretending to be McCarthy's aide in order to get campaign donations for Santos from more than a dozen potential contributors, while also enriching himself via 15% commissions on each donation.

His arrest comes three months after the New York Republican lawmaker was criminally charged in the same court with fraud, theft, money laundering and making false statements.

Santos's many lies unraveled nationally after his election, raising questions not only about him but the stunning incompetence of New York's Democratic Party.