Ron DeSantis promises to shoot down imaginary smugglers "stone cold dead"

Desperate to save his dying campaign, Ron DeSantis continues to talk about death, hoping an impossible badass image will resurrect his flatlined poll numbers.

This time, the trigger-happy Mickey Mouse stalker veered from talk about "slitting throats" to say he would make sure fentanyl smugglers illegally crossing the border are left "stone-cold dead." Easy for the brave Florida man to promise when nearly 100% of the folks illegally crossing the border are found without any fentanyl at all.

"We are going to authorize the use of deadly force against the cartels," he told a recent crowd. "If you have someone coming in with the fentanyl in their backpack, if they even break through the border wall — where there is wall — that's the last thing they're going to be able to do, because we're going to leave them stone-cold dead at the border." (See video below, posted by Aaron Rupar.)

But according to the Cato Institute, nearly all fentanyl is brought into the United States by U.S. citizens traveling through ports of entry. In fact, "Just 0.02 percent of the people arrested by Border Patrol for crossing illegally possessed any fentanyl whatsoever," the Institute reports.

At least DeSantis, shooting at his make-believe drug pushers, can pretend he hits his invisible targets with each and every blast. Go get 'em Tiger!

Front page thumbnail image: Boing Boing / Midjourney