Fired right-wing provocateur James O'Keefe under investigation in New York

James O'Keefe, the right-wing provocateur recently fired from his own organization, is now under investigation by authorities in New York. It wouldn't be his first tangle with the law–his famously deceptive methods already earned him one fraud conviction–and his alleged misuse of Project Veritas's funds have put him back under the axe.

The Westchester County district attorney's office confirmed Friday it is "looking into" matters concerning James O'Keefe, who was suspended in February and later fired as chairman and CEO. The Project Veritas board said he spent "an excessive amount of donor funds" on personal luxuries.

Jin Whang, a spokesperson for District Attorney Mimi Rocah, declined to discuss the subject or details of the investigation, or what potential charges, if any, O'Keefe could face. Whang cautioned that investigations can have a variety of outcomes, not necessarily resulting in criminal charges.

There's going to jail for your activism, a noble tradition stretching from Socrates to Greta Thunberg. Then there's committing criminal acts as some sort of praxis, where there is at least a political aim at hand. And then there's ripping off your employees to pursue your dreams in theater.

Embedded below, courtesy of the Wonderful Things monkey paw, is a compilation of O'Keefe's finest work.