Poll shows Trump's base divorced from reality

A CBSNews/YouGov poll shows that Trump supporters overwhelmingly "trust" a man they know they can't. The trust is simply hope Trump will make things worse for others and let them cling to the last vestiges of their privilege.

Someone who "trusts" Trump more than their spouse or family has got to be counting on him to do wrong. These people see the world changing and they want it to go back to a time when "other people" were treated far worse.

Screenshot/née Twitter


As shocking as that was, there is one even bigger shock in the poll: Twenty-nine percent of Trump voters don't feel that Trump himself tells them the truth. That is, a significant portion of Trump's own voters think he's full of shit, and they still support him!

Trumpism is, at its very core, nihilist. Nothing matters. All institutions are evil. Government can't help you. Democrats aren't just the opposition, they are all child traffickers and sexual deviants. The Jews are using space lasers to zap Hawaiian cities in order to enact their climate change agenda. MAGA-ism is a dark, dreary place. And given the strong correlation between Trump support and the prevalence of meth use in a county, the immediate world around them is also a dark, dreary place.

They are such nihilists, in fact, that they don't even have an ideology. All they care about is hurting the kind of people they hate: immigrants, ethnic and racial minorities, Jewish people, Democrats, urbanites, college students, women, etc. That's why when the Trump administration ignored Hurricane Michael's devastation in the deep-red Florida panhandle in 2019, people weren't angry that the government had failed them. They expected that. They were angry that Trump had failed them.