Check out this freaky baby snake with two faces (video)

Two-headed snakes are rare and fascinating but usually they have some semblance of separate necks before coming together into one body. But this strange serpent essentially has two faces! I think they should name it Janus.

Hatched a month ago at the Exeter Exotics pet store in the UK, the amazing animal "appears to be doing well," the proprietors report. Video below!

"The right hand side head prefers sardine scented pinky heads & will take it from you himself if held up to him," they state. "The left hand head is interested in food but we think the throat may be a little narrower for that head as it seemed to struggle when offered food before. Hopefully this improves with time as the snake grows… possibly just having to have smaller food items.
It is strange to see that the left hand head will make the chewing motion of eating whilst the right hand head is eating.

image: Viacheslav Lopatin/Shutterstock