PragerU: "our propaganda cartoons are headed to Texas schools." Texas school officials: "absolutely not." Who is right?

PragerU, the right-wing propaganda factory founded by talk-radio host Dennis Prager, claims that a recent series of cartoons it produced to no notable interest is now headed to Texas's school system. Texas's school system, however, didn't get the memo, and was forced to deny the claim.

"We are proud to announce that PragerU is an approved education vendor in the state of Texas," the nonprofit posted on its website, adding that "children in thousands of K-12 Texas schools now have the opportunity to learn from PragerU's wholesome, patriotic, and age-appropriate content." The post accompanies a four-minute video of PragerU CEO Marissa Streit and Texas State Board of Education member Julie Pickren celebrating the announcement together.   

Texas education officials, however, say that PragerU, a media concern founded in 2009 by conservative pundit Dennis Prager, has not been approved as a state vendor.

"I have no knowledge of PragerU submitting any instructional material for approval to the SBOE in the past, and specifically, I know that PragerU has not submitted any instructional materials to the SBOE under the new Instructional Material review process that was adopted by the legislature this year. Additionally, no one from PragerU has presented to the State Board of Education or has contacted me, as chair of the State Board of Education, to discuss any working relationship," Kevin Ellis, the State Board of Education chair, told ABC 13.   

The situation appears to be that PragerU and that Texas Board of Education member have announced the success of their coup before attempting the coup. That doesn't mean the coup won't happen, just that those involved in it are stupid.

One state has approved PragerU as an official state resource, though. Without leaving this page, can you guess which state it is?