Florida education officials approve mandatory firings for staff who use bathrooms not designated for their assigned birth gender

Florida's gender police can fire state college employees who use bathrooms other than those for the gender they were assigned at birth, among other "harsh punishments" approved by the state's education officials Wednesday.

Colleges will be forced to fire employees after a second offense, according to the new rule's text. … The new rule also requires violations to be documented, including the name of the person who violated the rule as well as the person who asked that person to leave the restroom. The complaint must also include "the circumstances of the event sufficient to establish a violation," according to the new rule. The restrictions also apply to college-run student housing. Additionally, colleges have the option of providing a single-occupancy, unisex restroom or changing facility.

All part of Governor Ron DeSantis's flagging presidential campaign, Florida's growing set of anti-LGBTQ+ laws include a ban on discussion of gender and sexuality in schools, mandatory policies that gender and sex are immutable biological traits and a variety of restrictions on transgender people in sports, bathrooms and other public spaces.