Trump's secret service agents were awful cozy with the Oath Keepers

This sheds light on why the Secret Service disappeared all those January 6th texts, and Vice-President Pence wasn't getting into a car with his detail. It seems Trump's agents coordinated with the Oath Keepers on at least one occasion and had an agent who was the "unofficial" liaison with the far-right extremist group. Cozy enough, the agent felt they were "inching towards official" capacity.

The Secret Service shouldn't be consulting with, or allowing terrorists to provide security for the President, but it seems like that is what was being suggested. The Oath Keepers leader boasted of his contacts inside the Secret Service.

The New Republic:

The email detailed that the Oath Keepers security detail would be composed of "primarily retired law enforcement/former military members who are very pro-LEO [law enforcement officer] and Pro Trump. Their stated purpose is to provide protection and medical attention to Trump supporters if they come under attack by leftist groups."

The Secret Service member who spoke to Rhodes even admitted to other members in the agency that he was an Oath Keeper himself. "I am the unofficial liaison to the Oath Keepers (inching towards official)," he wrote.

The CREW report confirms Rhodes' claims last year that the far-right group had a contact within the Secret Service. Rhodes admitted this during his trial, when he was charged with seditious conspiracy for attempting to stop Joe Biden's presidential win.

It's not clear from the CREW report whether the contact continued past September 2020, but the government watchdog notes that the agent claiming to be an "unofficial liaison" suggests a longer-term relationship.

via C&L