According to Pizzagate conspiracy theorists, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Pizza Hut boxes are encouraging Satanic ritual abuse

Even almost seven years after the conspiracy theory known as "Pizzagate" began circulating, it's still going strong, despite the fact that it's been debunked over and over. Seems like the right-wing conspiracy folks just can't shake their belief in Satanic ritual abuse and elite pedophile rings. 

As a refresher, during the 2016 Presidential campaign, Pizzagate emerged as a conspiracy theory after some very fanciful interpretations of the hacked personal emails of John Podesta (Hillary Clinton's campaign manager) that Wikileaks published in November 2016. The conspiracy theorists posited that the Clintons were running a pedophile ring out of the basement of the Comet Ping Pong pizza joint in Washington DC—which doesn't actually have a basement. Pizzagate led to the rise of QAnon, whose central claim is that Donald Trump and his supporters are embroiled in a clandestine struggle against a "deep state" cabal (consisting of Hollywood elites and high ranking government officials and politicians) who control the mainstream media and are involved in a number of crimes spanning decades, including child sex trafficking, and actual cannibalism of said children–via the harvesting and ingesting of a life-extending substance called adrenochrome from the blood of children that these elites sacrifice in Satanic rituals. 

Pizzagate has found new life with the recent collaboration between Pizza Hut and the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) movie, Mutant Mayhem, which was released earlier this month. At the end of June, Pizza Hut began printing pizza boxes with TMNT images on the front. Pizza Hut explained on its website: 

Specialty Mutant Mayhem Themed Pizza Boxes: Pizza Hut is unveiling limited-edition movie-themed pizza boxes available for Big New Yorker orders as well as large and medium pizzas. The specialty packaging can be found at participating Pizza Hut restaurants nationwide starting the end of June while supplies last, and features artwork of various Ninja Turtle character illustrations. A QR code located on the pizza box will also lead fans to play the new Pizza Power AR game.

Well, the Pizzagate conspiracy folks have taken this and run with it. Videos deconstructing the "Satanic imagery" in the pizza boxes are being widely shared on TikTok and other social media platforms. Here's one I stumbled upon—it was posted by Dave of the "Isaac's Army" X account (whose description reads: "Calling out all things Cabal, Corruption, and Satanic") and who also recently started a new podcast on Rumble called the "Occult Apocalypse Show" with "America's Shaman" Jake Angeli Chansley. The podcast only has a few episodes—so far they've covered "The Vatican and the Deep Church," "DC Deep State," and "Hollywood." Dave's message with his reposting says "Pizza Hut is putting perverted satanic adrenochrome symbolism on their pizza boxes …. predictable … #WeWantAnswer #PizzaHut #Adrenochrome #SatanicSymbolism #SaveTheChildren"

I found the original video, which was created by TikTok user "Writings of the Flesh," who posted this text along with the video: "The dark truth about why the TMNT are reptiles who live under the sewers." I transcribed the video (transcription is below)—but you should also watch it because then you can see the parts of the drawing he's "explaining":

Ok, for those of you who are new to PizzaGate, I'm gonna break down the symbolism in this photo. It's kinda odd that it seems to be blood dripping from the words. Well, that's because it is blood. Okay. You have pizza that represents children. Notice how it looks like a face in the pizza. And how it is connected to a chain that seems to be highlighted with blood. 

Alright, notice how the eyes are bloody as well. If you flip this upside you have what seems to be now a sad pizza face with a male genitalia, what looks like on the bottom. And then now you have two smiley faces in the eyes. Those are representing demons. So what they do to these children is they torture them through intense traumas. And a chemical knows as adrenochrome is produced. And they extract this from the eyes and the pineal gland. 

Okay, that is why there are demons smiling, because this is known as soul stealing. You have the child connected to the chain, you have the whipping chain that is also bloody. And what else is bloody in this photo? Notice the teeth, that is very important. Because what they do is eat these children as a part of a blood sacrifice ritual. 

Alright, you can find this story in the Bible. Cain and Able. Cain and Able. Cannibal. Cain and Able. It is etymology. They put certain truths right in front of your face in plain sight. Notice how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are always under the sewers eating pizza. That is because that is where they do the rituals, under the sewers. And that is why they have underground bases and have this trafficking situation. Because these are draconian reptilians that live and dwell under the ground. 

You really do have to watch it to believe it—it reads like parody to me, but sadly these folks are all too serious—and dangerous. QAnon is deeply anti-Semitic, racist, and homophobic and has been implicated in several violent attacks, including the August 3, 2019 mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart that targeted Latinos, killing 23 individuals and injuring 23 others. It has also been associated with a number of anti-BLM groups—including one in La Mesa, California called "Defend East County"—that arose in Spring and Summer 2020 as a reaction against the nationwide racial uprisings. QAnon also had strong representation among those attending and arrested for their role in the January 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol. QAnon was designated a domestic terrorist threat by the FBI.