Judge hilariously trolls Donald Trump — and QAnon — by picking the March 4 trial date

Whether intentionally or not, U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan trolled Donald Trump and his fellow Qnuts when she set his trial date for March 4 — the same date that QAnon had erroneously predicted Trump would take back power in 2021.

The conspiracy theory back in 2021 alleged that March 4th — which had been Inauguration Day in the U.S. from 1793 until 1933 (with the exception of a few elections) — would be Trump's Inauguration Day, the day he would be reinstalled as MAGA king. And this right-wing fantasy was taken so seriously by the mob, that police beefed up security according to a March article in The New York Times two years ago.

Stephen Colbert among others had a good laugh with the absurdity of it all, saying that although he was no psychiatrist, it was obvious the Q followers were "clinically insane," suffering from "March Madness." (See video below, starting at 3:40).

"But there's method to this coo-coo [coup-coup]," Colbert continued, before explaining the number-based science that led Q to zero in on March 4th/March forth.

"You see, Q followers were heartbroken on Inauguration Day, which was supposed to be the day that the 'storm' came that would keep their guy actually in office. So they've moved the date of the storm — when all the arrests and the celebrities and the Democrats happen — to March 4, which was the date of presidential inaugurations up until 1933. [Imitating QAnon follower] 'Yes, follow me down the rabbit hole. They ended it in 1933, but add up one, nine, three, three. Add up one plus six, you get seven. What is seven? Three plus four — three, four, March 4th, when we shall march forth! [Whispers] I see patterns where none exist.'"

And so, in the spirit of poking fun where fun is needed, Chutkan couldn't have picked a better day for our not once-, not twice-, not thrice-, but frice-indicted former president to start his election interference trial.